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HomeOptions is a service designed to help you meet your housing needs. The service aims to assess your circumstances and provides a range of options for you to consider including: council and housing association homes, private rented homes, help to stay at home, and homeownership. There is also advice relating to money, debt issues, jobs and training opportunities.
Money and benefits advice covers different aspects of your finances. Unexpected changes in circumstances such as unemployment, illness, bereavement or spending more than expected can make it difficult to manage your money and pay bills. In the UK, 1 in 10 people are struggling with debt. This shows the scale of the problem and indicates that you are not alone. No matter how bad you think things are, you should get advice early.

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The Money Advice Service
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Jobseeker’s Allowance
There are a range of organisations that can help you if you are looking for a job or you are thinking about training.

Job Search
Employment and Support Allowance
Roots to Work
Skills Development Scotland
South Lanarkshire - jobs and careers
My Job Scotland
Private rented homes are managed by individual landlords or letting agents who rent out homes, including: flats, houses, temporary/ mobile homes or homes tied to employment. Around 1 in 10 households in South Lanarkshire live in private rented homes. The private rented sector can provide quicker access to meet your needs in the area you want to live. Private rented homes are required to meet certain standards and there are a number of legal rights to protect those that rent privately.

Landlord Accreditation Scotland
Local Housing Allowance
Shelter Scotland
Social rented homes are affordable and are owned and managed by councils and housing associations (known as social landlords). There is high demand for social rented homes in South Lanarkshire and limited availability.
Social rented homes will usually be let to you if you have been assessed as being in most need of housing, for example, if you are homeless or you have a serious medical condition.
If you are considering a social rented home, you may have to wait a long time depending on your need. If you have been assessed as having a high level of need, you will have to be flexible in the areas you choose and in the types of homes you would like.

Housing Associations in South Lanarkshire
Applying for a house in South Lanarkshire booklet’
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South Lanarkshire Council Housing Allocation Policy
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If you live in South Lanarkshire and are homeless or threatened with homelessness within 2 months we have a statutory duty to help you. Depending on your circumstances, the council will, as appropriate:-
  • help prevent you from becoming homeless
  • arrange suitable temporary accommodation
  • help you to access accommodation to meet your needs
  • consider your support needs

If you are homeless or threatened with homelessness you should contact one of our local housing offices to arrange a homelessness interview.

Our Homelessness Service Booklet
Shelter Scotland
If you or someone in your family has a health, disability or mobility problem, you can buy or hire specialist equipment, or get your home adapted to suit your needs. Adaptations range from minor to major alterations which may involve structural changes and can be outside or inside your home and may include: changing taps, installing a ramp, a walk-in shower, downstairs toilet or extending your home.

Local social work offices
South Lanarkshire HomeImprove
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The Government is continuing to make changes to the welfare system. The changes may affect your housing options and include:
  • more money being deducted from housing benefit and council tax if there are non dependent adults living at home such as those aged 18 or over
  • a reduction in housing benefit to tenants whose home has more bedrooms than they need
  • the introduction of a cap on the total amount of benefits a household can receive

The biggest change is the introduction of Universal Credit. The establishment of Universal Credit will involve combining six separate welfare benefits into a single monthly payment. There is a range of advice and support available if you are affected by the changes.

Benefits are Changing leaflet
Welfare reform Scotland
Money Matters
Mortgage Rescue relates to the help available to you as a homeowner if you are having problems making your mortgage payments. If you have problems paying your mortgage the first thing you should do is to speak to your lender. Your lender can agree actions you can take to help you through the problems you are having. It is also important to get independent advice and to act as early as possible.

Depending upon your circumstances there are schemes available through the Scottish Government which may be able to help you.

Money Matters Service
Law Society of Scotland
HomeOwners Support Fund
Owners and Repossession
Mutual exchange is another way of finding a home if you are a housing association or council tenant and you want to move. You can register to exchange your home through House Exchange. This service will help you find a match to exchange with. However, both you and the other tenant you wish to exchange with must get permission from your respective landlords before the exchange can take place.

House Exchange
SLC mutual exchange leaflet
There are a range of specialist homes available for older people aged 60 or over, these include: sheltered housing, amenity housing, very sheltered and private retirement homes. Generally, these homes are designed to provide specific services and facilities to suit the needs of older people. You should always check with the landlord or owner about the services and facilities available.

A Guide to Sheltered housing
South Lanarkshire local housing offices
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